Weapons Of Choice And Missileaneous Combatalia

by pennyblake

The release day for our long awaited LARP book ‘The Everyday Extraordinaries’ is almost upon us. The production of this has been an amazing roller coaster ride involving so many wonderful, talented and exuberant Steampunk enthusiasts (and some awesome friends and family who had never heard of Steampunk before in their lives) who have suffered stoically through frantic days and sleepless nights welding, stitching, hotgluing, spray painting, manically guzzling tea, roaming various open spaces and cityscapes in search of elusive china teasets, playtesting and generally listening to me waxing idiotic about fruitcake theories and dystopian parallel dimensions. This book is a collaborative labour of love and my most enormous amounts of gratitude go out to all the extraordinary ladies and gentlemen who have made it possible.

And so, like the veritable magpie I am, ‘on to the next treasure’ …

In this case:

Weapons Of Choice And Missileaneous Combatalia For Extraordinary Ladies And Gentlemen; A useful hand guide to my Waistcoat-Pocket Arsenal including many of my most nefarious, eccentric and useless inventions, several of which feature in the Ashton’s Kingdom series and all of which can be easily constructed by armchair-inventors and  used when playing The Everyday Extraordinaries (Or indeed any other LARP system or event which will allow them).

As each entry is completed I will post it on here so if you want to go ahead and have a go at making and using any of these crazy creations you can go right ahead and do so. Similarly if you want to share them that’s fine too, all I ask is that you make sure folks know they are my brain-children so they know to come and incarcerate me and not you 😉

Section One: Miscellaneous Millitant Millineria:

1. Top Hat Of Imposing Mental Prowess

This essential piece of headwear may come in many guises, all of them tall and many of them black. The Top Hat Of Imposing Mental Prowess infuses the brain of the wearer with the ability to outwit, outsmart and outthink (although unfortunately not outrun) his or her opponents in any challenge requiring a superior or more rapid intellect.

How does it work?

The underlying mechanical and alchemical principles are similar to those used in the recent development of Titter Technology.

The hat is equipped with an aerial which channels thought waves from the aether into a box attached to the side of the hat. This box holds a Statistical Alchemical Translation Device coupled to a Synaptic Frequency Filter. The Synaptic Frequency Filter provides an adaption to the traditional function of the SATD so that, instead of harvesting thought and sound waves, distilling them into their constituent parts and then recombining them using a comparison-based logic system into another language, the SATD now collates only thought waves, separates them into ‘idiotic’, ‘average’ and ‘ingenious’ and feeds only the ‘ingenious’ waves into the mind of the wearer via a series of electrodes concealed within the lining of the hat. The hat’s range is adjustable up to a distance of approximately 1,000 square miles.

Power Source?

One GORGON theremythium battery is enough to power this hat for approximately six months, depending on usage.

Possible set backs and limitations?

At present, the ability of the SATD to discriminate between ingenious thoughts that will be useful to the wearer and ingenious thoughts that will nonetheless be completely irrelevant is severely limited. This may occasionally lead to the wearer spouting utter incomprehensible and illogical nonsense at inopportune moments and has, unfortunately, lead to one or two cases of accidental incarceration on the grounds of mistaken madness. There is also, as such, no linguistic preference setting which has also proved problematic for some.