Welcome to Penny  Blake’s essential EncycloTEAdia

This is not some dull coffee-table tome stuffed with mildly interesting trivia about tea. The EncycloTEAdia is the essential travelling companion for every tea-swilling adventurer and contains ONLY vital and useful information pertaining to the acquisition and enjoyment of the perfect brew, regardless of what peril, continent, time-period or dimension one finds oneself in.

How to ask for a cuppa in several useful languages.

Optimum brewing temperatures for various teas.

Et – TEA – quette for Time Travellers: useful customs throughout history

Where to get a decent cuppa: Famous Teapouriums of fact and fiction

24 hour tea time table

Brewing by the moon: The aethernaut’s guide to obtaining the perfect brew during space / dimensional transition

Fantastical teas and where to find them

On the battle field: Rules of engagement for various loose-leaf combat scenarios